What Does Home Mean to You?
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  • Post last modified:March 12, 2020
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Home. They say it’s where the heart is. In our business, we see the concept of “home” interpreted as many things. For some, finding a home is a once-in-a-lifetime project and they’ll stay in that home forever. For others, home is only for a season. For everyone, home is a place to be proud of.

Helping a client find their home is a charge we take seriously. When a client reaches out to us and trusts us to represent and guide them, we consider it a calling. The home-searching-finding-negotiating-inspecting-appraising-closing process can be full of emotion for a client. Hear us when we say “full of emotion” because there are a lot of feelings involved – fear, uncertainty, anticipation, nostalgia, clarity, and joy – all of these emotions are part of finding a home. And, no matter the number of ups and downs in the search process, we commit ourselves to our clients’ goal until it’s accomplished.

Whatever your home means to you, thank you for allowing us to be part of your life and for the times you’ve opened your home to us. It makes us feel like an extension of your family. And, if you’re thinking about making a change, with all of the emotions that come with that, just know we are here to serve you, your friends, and your family on your journey to find home.

P.S. We LOVE all of our first time home buyers, but it’s an extra-special day when someone in our office buys a house! Help us congratulate our own Olivia on becoming a FIRST TIME HOMEBUYER! (Pictured at the top of this post.) Olivia started with us part-time and fresh out of high school. Today she is a recent college graduate and a full-time employee! We are thankful for her work every day and are happy to celebrate another one of her accomplishments.

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