Setting the right price

We leverage the same database that other agents, banks, appraisers, and buyers use to correctly price a property. Even so, the price of your home isn’t determined by any agent or seller. It’s determined by things like your home’s current condition, current local market conditions within your neighborhood (or nearby), and other homes similar to yours that have recently sold.

This is why local knowledge & expertise is critical in determining the best possible price for your specific home.

Unlike computer algorithms, our agents live and work where your home is located. This means we have the inside scoop on what your home is really worth. You can receive an instant home valuation from many websites (such as Zillow’s Zestimate®) to get an idea of what your home might be worth, but those instant valuations can’t utilize local knowledge and expertise, not can it consider your home’s current condition.

That’s why when you request your free home valuation from us, it isn’t instant. We take the time to carefully consider your specific home and our local real estate market knowledge to give you the closest price range possible. For a specific recommended list price, we would request to tour your home at your convenience to evaluate its current condition. Then, we could also give you a better idea of what you could expect to profit from the sale of your home.

Find Out How Much Your Home is Worth

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How it shows on the Internet

According to the National Association of REALTORS®, 44% of homebuyers begin their search online and 95% use the Internet when searching for a home, so it’s extremely important to have professional, high-quality photos of your property. These pictures are what buyers are going to use to determine if they want to visit your property or not. ​

That is why we hire a professional photographer to help you arrange/stage and photograph your home. If a home is vacant/empty, we will also virtually stage the most important rooms in your home to help buyers visualize the space.

Your home will also be posted on popular consumer search portals like, and, as well as broker websites like,,,, and more via syndication through our local multiple listing service, Stellar MLS.

Preparation pays off

Preparing your home properly for professional photos is key. Our photographer takes amazing photos (as you can see in our listings), but we need your help to make sure your home shows off in the best way possible.

Click here to download a handy checklist for preparing your home for photos, or read below for a few tips:

  • The Basics: Get rid of any clutter around the house. Dust and vacuum. Have your carpets cleaned. Mow the lawn. Open the windows to air out the home and get some air fresheners. 
  • Living Room: Rearrange the furniture and remove any unnecessary items.
  • Kitchen: Remove magnets and other items on the refrigerator and clear off the counters (leave out small appliances if you use them daily). Add some fresh plants or flowers. 
  • Bedrooms: Make buyers feel more comfortable by removing posters, photos, and other personal items from view. 
  • Bathrooms: Get fresh new towels and new bathmat/rug and remove personal items (no toothbrushes!). Make it feel like a spa or hotel bathroom.
  • Storage: Organization is key! Clean up that junk closet and organize the laundry room.
  • Repair: Re-caulk the tubs and sinks and replace broken tiles. Re-paint walls and ceilings and patch any visible holes.
  • Colors: Go for a softer palette and tone-down any brightly colored rooms. Instead of red, purple, hot pink, lime green, etc., go for beiges, greys, blues, etc.
  • Brighten: Make your home feel warm and inviting by opening up the curtains, cleaning the windows, and replacing low-watt bulbs with brighter ones.
  • Pets: Take your pets with you when your house is shown. Put away toys, clean/deodorize carpets, clean/put away litter box, etc. 
  • Outside: Think curb appeal! Paint the front door. Pressure wash the driveway, sidewalks, decks, and patio. Add a few shrubs, flowers, and fresh mulch. Put away garden tools, hoses, toys, and bikes. Remove dead or tired plants.
  • Garage: Remove as many extras as you can. Tools, lawn equipment,  and bikes are okay. Leave room for at least one car. Make it look as spacious as possible!

Helping buyers find your home

We use National Association of REALTORS® data that tells us precisely where buyers find the home they purchased. The top three ways are:

Browsing online

Professional photography, MLS syndication to consumer and brokerage search portals, and digital marketing help ensure your home is visible to as many online buyers as possible, maximizing your home’s chance to sell quickly.

Through real estate agents

Our connections with local agents and access to the local MLS make sure your home is known by local agents. 

Seeing yard signs

Our “For Sale” signs are sturdy and highly visible. When we receive a call from a buyer from our sign, it often means they want to see your property right now.

We target our marketing strategy and allocate resources to match where buyers are finding homes right now. When more buyers and their friends/family see your property, we can sell it faster.

Find Out How Much Your Home is Worth

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We don’t just rely on the Internet

About 20% of buyers find the home they eventually purchase through these four ways:

  1. Yard Signs: Approximately 8% of buyers found the home they actually purchased from a yard sign. Our signs attract buyers by featuring offers that others can’t make.
  2. Open Houses: About 5% of buyers found their home through open houses. This figure includes the large number of new homes sold through builder open houses.
  3. Word of Mouth: Another 5% of buyers find the home they purchase through a friend, neighbor, or knowing the seller.
  4. Print: Only 1% of buyers find the home they purchase through print advertising, but that 1% might be what we need to get your home sold.