The Most Powerful Force in Our Market Is…

Our current real estate market is going to be this way only for a season. How long this season will last is unknown to us and to every know-it-all out there. So, instead of trying to predict the future, let us share with you what is presently the most powerful force in our market.

Interest rates. Home values have increased significantly, but because of low interest rates the monthly payments haven’t.

In the fall of 2018, buyers had access to high-4% and low-5% interest rates. For the last year, buyers have enjoyed rates in the low-3% range, and on a few days this year rates have been under 3%. To put into perspective the buying power behind these low rates, consider this example:

On October 31, 2018 a 2,400 SQ FT 3 bed/2 bath home sold in a Clermont neighborhood for $295,000 (an actual sale). If the buyer financed it all at 5%, the principal and interest (P&I) payment was $1,584 per month (excluding property taxes and insurance).

Today, we would list that same home for sale for $399,000. If a buyer were to finance the entire $399,000 at 3%, the P&I payment would be $1,682 per month (excluding property taxes and insurance).

The value of that home has increased $100,000 and the P&I payment has gone up only $98 per month. This demonstrates how home values have increased significantly, but monthly payments haven’t due to low interest rates.

Next month we’ll share with you exactly how the low interest rates compelled us to buy and refinance our own properties this year. Until then, we hope this gives some of you the courage to take action and sell, buy, or invest while interest rates are still this low.

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First-floor condo unit with 2 parking spaces, a new water heater, and recently updated electrical.

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