Real Estate is a Personal Business

Over the last 3 months, the difficulties and uncertainties of COVID-19, protests, stock market swings, stay-at-home orders, and lay-offs – all added to whatever is going on in everyone’s personal lives – has made things feel a little more difficult.

As the first half of the year comes to a close, we’re eager for the second half of 2020 to begin. We don’t know what experiences we will have, but we know ups and downs are ahead of us. And if you need us, we’ll be ready to go through the ups and downs with you. 

Real estate is a very personal business. We often find our services called upon during a  big transitional moment for a family – downsizing after becoming recent empty nesters or upsizing to accommodate room for a new child. Or, we could be called because of a life circumstance – the recent loss of a loved one or a divorce. 

No matter the reason, it takes a large emotional toll to uproot your home and put down roots in a new location. We get it. It’s hard. Still, sometimes it is worth doing and we’re committed to walking that journey with each client with understanding, empathy, and honesty.

We’re working on getting better and better at that as our team grows. Thank you for your trust and sharing the journey of life with us. Here’s to starting the second half of the year and may we all find ourselves at the end of the year wiser, more mature, and better all around. 💛

P.S. In case you missed it, we had probably the most fun we’ll ever have making a video! A few months ago we helped this couple buy a home with 5 acres of land and jokingly promised we’d buy them a goat… Well, here we are now and 2 goats later:

Clermont Market Update: Pool Home Edition

Data collected 7/1/2020.

We are in a real estate moment where there are so few homes for sale that buyers are being forced to pay a little more than usual, compete with other buyers, and are having to be thankful just to be the ones who are getting the home.  

In other words – right now, this is an amazing seller’s market – especially for pool homes.  As of this writing there are only 33 pool homes for sale in 34711.  40% of those homes are priced at or above $600,000.  

If you have a pool home you are sitting on a little pot of gold right now. [Shameless plug:  Please list it for sale with us. Reply to this email and let us know you’re thinking about it. We will most likely have it sold within a week!]

This market won’t last forever.  Interest rates won’t stay this low forever. One day, when the market changes and we find ourselves with more listings than we have buyers, prices will begin to go down and we will all be reminded that real estate values cycle.

Do you own a pool home? You could be sitting on a pot of gold!

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