Olivia Fagan

Marketing Specialist & Bookkeeper
Office: 352-708-5650

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What’s your title here and how does it fit into real estate?

I handle marketing, bookkeeping, and tech support. On the marketing side, I design, order, process, and update all print and digital things (including this website!) and help plan events. Marketing in real estate is a little different from other industries since we’re essentially selling our expert services as agents, but also trying to sell unique, high-value products (a home). It takes a different strategy to sell those things compared to that cute sweater you keep seeing in your Instagram feed!
The work I do involves identifying local homeowners potentially interested in selling their home, making sure our listings get seen by people most likely to buy them, and helping buyers find our fabulous agents so they can get into their dream home as soon as possible!

Have you always lived in Central FL? Where do you consider home?

I’m a second-generation native Floridian, born in Orlando. We moved to Clermont in 2001. Up until February of 2020 Clermont was home, until I bought my first home in Wildwood.

What are your favorite things about living in Clermont/Central FL?

My favorite things about living here are how close we are to pretty much everything. You could drive to Disney or the beach after work, spend a few hours there, and still get back home in time for plenty of sleep. I also love being so close to Orlando International Airport and cruise ports – you can go pretty much anywhere in the world from here for relatively cheap if you keep an eye on flight and cruise deals!

Are you a homeowner? When did you buy your first and/or current home?

I am! I bought my very first home in February 2020 (Chelsea was my REALTOR®). I hadn’t planned on buying a home at 24 years old, but I put myself in a position to be able to buy one just in case I found “the one”. I see so many houses on a daily basis working here, so when I saw my now current home, I knew I had to have it. I don’t think I would have bought a home yet if I wasn’t working here.

How has your prior work experience helped you with your current job with us?

This job is my first full-time job. I’ve worked here part-time since 2015 when I was still in my first year at Valencia College. When I graduated from UCF in May 2019 I officially went full-time. Most of what I do here I’ve learned on the job since college classes essentially taught theory. Learning things as I go along is both exciting and stressful!

The only other job I’ve had was 6 years of working part-time at the local TJ Maxx. I worked pretty much every position there except management. Working there taught me customer service skills, how to work on a team in a professional environment, and merchandising and presentation, to name a few.

Do you have any hobbies? What do you do when you’re not working?

I don’t really have any “hobbies”. When I’m not working, I’m usually at home either binge-watching something or reading a book, surrounded by my cats.

What have you learned since working on our team?

Working on this team has taught me how important trust and loyalty are in a small business. Building a core team of individuals with the long-term in mind is essential. Working here has also shown me how crazy real estate can be! One may think they can handle buying/selling a home on their own, but there is so much that can go wrong. It really is important to have a full-time agent, with a team, on your side to protect you and work things out for you. They’ve just about seen it all and know how to handle pretty much anything that may come up in a transaction. I know from first-hand experience – there were a few problems with my home purchase that they were able to take care of with ease!

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Olivia Fagan, Marketing Specialist & Bookkeeper
Office: 352-708-5650

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