How to Stage Your Kitchen for Photography
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When someone wants to sell their home, it’s so important to have professional photography done of the home since most buyers look online before requesting to see a home in person. But before those photos are taken, a seller should make sure their home looks as clean and open as possible. So today we’re going to focus on one room in particular – the kitchen – and how to stage it for real estate photography.

The kitchen is actually one of the easiest rooms to stage in a home, so we’re going to start there. Watch the video below for a before and after example of cleaning up the kitchen for photos:

In the “before” video, you can see that there already isn’t a lot of stuff on the counters. But for real estate photography, we recommend you completely clear off every surface – countertops, open shelves, the fridge, etc.

When buyers are looking at photos of homes, in particular the kitchen, they want to be able to see how big the kitchen really is. How much counter space there is. How clean it is. Whether or not they’d be comfortable making their favorite meals there.

Every item in your counters makes your kitchen look smaller and more cluttered. So if you’re asking whether or not you need to move the coffeemaker or toaster or utensils or anything, the answer is YES! Remove as much as you can from your counters.

Same goes for anything you may have on your fridge – magnets, photos, coupons, your kid’s work of art – clear it off. You can put it all back after your home’s photos are taken, or it just means you’ll have to pack up less stuff later!

Use the before and after sliders below to easily compare the before and after. Notice how everything¬†has been cleared from view – even if it’s something nice to look at in a photo, like flowers.¬†

Before After
Before After

We hope this example of how to stage your kitchen for real estate photography is helpful to you.

Are there any other rooms in your home that you’re unsure about how to stage? Let us know!

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