Goodbye Spring. Hello Summer!
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May brought several welcome events for us in our office. Our whole team returned to working in the office rather than the limited usage implemented in April. Matt and his wife, Gina, celebrated their 29th wedding anniversary on May 4th by staying home and cooking. We celebrated Mother’s Day and were reminded of how thankful we are to have been so well-loved and cared for by our mothers. (And we mean it – moms are awesome!) 

When restaurants opened up, we took the opportunity to have a team dinner at Bosphorus in Winter Garden. We ate outside on the patio and enjoyed sitting down with each other. It was a welcomed evening of food, togetherness, and laughter. Memorial Day weekend also brought us a needed break and a chance to remember that we live in a country where freedom is a value that others have given their lives for.

As the Spring of 2020 comes to a close,  the realities of life are still with us and we still have lessons to learn – as individuals, business owners, community members, and citizens. We look forward to the day when we all reach our full potential in freedom and equality.  Until then we’re thankful to have families we love, work we care about, friends to hang out with again, and clients to catch up with.

Clermont market Update

Data collected 6/1/2020.

In May, about 70 fewer homes were listed for sale and 50 less homes sold compared to May the previous 2 years. The number of days on market is staying nearly the same and home values continue to rise. 

Out of the 111 homes listed for sale in May, 44 are under contract and 29 of them went under contract within the first week – including 2 of our listings! 

Few homes currently for sale, combined with few homes coming on the market, means we have lots of buyers (demand) looking at few homes (supply). Therefore, if this seller/buyer behavior continues, we expect home values to continue rising. 

Now’s an excellent time to be a seller and it’s also a great time for well-qualified buyers thanks to continued historically low interest rates.

Watch our market update video below for a more detailed look at these numbers.

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