3 Simple (And Cheap!) Ways to Get Your Home Ready to Sell
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  • Post last modified:May 20, 2020
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The spring is a great time to spruce up your home, especially if you’re looking to sell it since spring is typically the busiest time for our local real estate market. So today we’re going to cover three easy, inexpensive ways to get your home looking dream-worthy to potential buyers!

1. Improve Curb Appeal

When a buyer first pulls up to your home, the first things they’ll notice are the lawn and the outside of the house.

Make sure your lawn looks (and stays) mowed, edged, and free from debris. Clean up any other landscaping you may have or plant some new flowers or other plants. Some decorations are okay, but keep in mind buyers will want to be picturing the home as theirs and not be distracted by your impressive gnome collection.

Power wash the exterior of your home and have it painted if necessary. Take a look at your roof and see if any shingles or tiles need to be replaced, or if your metal roof needs to be cleaned or painted.

2. Declutter Your Home

You’ll want to create as much clear surface space as you can in your home. Countertops, shelves, tables, side tables, coffee tables nightstands… If it’s a flat surface, try and clear it off. Start boxing things up that you don’t use every day and put them in the garage or in storage. Not only will this make your home look clean, but it’ll also mean fewer things to pack later!

Depending on how your home is currently furnished, you may also want to rearrange or remove some furniture to make the house look bigger and more open.

3. Clean Your Home

No matter what season we’re in, it’s always a good idea to do some “spring cleaning”. Some areas of the home that often get overlooked when cleaning are baseboards, air vents, and ceiling fans.

Clean all of your baseboards until they’re bright white. If cleaning them doesn’t work, you may need to paint them. (This goes for doors, too!)

Get all dust off, out of, and near air vents. People want to look up and see clean, white vents and think about the AC blowing extremely clean air. This also goes for ceiling fans – dust and wipe-clean all fans.

Are you thinking about selling your home? We’d love to help you get it ready to list and sell for top dollar! Give us a call. We’re here to serve you.

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