Clermont (34711) Monthly Market Update for 2021

If you’ve been wondering, “how’s the Clermont, FL real estate market?” – you’ve come to the right place! Every month we bring you the latest residential real estate data for Clermont (34711) straight from our local MLS (the real estate database all local REALTORS® use), Stellar MLS.

We specialize in residential home sales in the Clermont and Central Florida area, so if you have any questions about buying or selling, contact us today!

What happened last month in the Clermont, FL real estate market?

Below is an overview and summary of the Clermont, FL real estate market last month, November 2021. (Click here to see previous monthly update summaries for 2021). If you’d like more specific data, please let us know by commenting at the end of this post or send us an email.

Last month, 104 new residential listings were added to our local Stellar MLS for Clermont, FL (34711). (These are the number of homes, both new construction and resale, that were listed for sale.) Last year, there were 106 new listings in November – a 1.9% decrease year over year.

The median home in Clermont, FL went under contract after being on the market for just 6 days last month – a 64.7% decrease compared to this same time last year. This is up 2 days over the sustained 4 median days until contract from May-July 2021 but still well-below historic median days until contract of 25+ days.

The median sold price of homes last month in Clermont, FL was $375,000. This is a 24.9% increase over November 2020’s median price of $300,139, and the same median price as October.

(The median sold price represents the middle of our Clermont, FL residential real estate market.)

To summarize: the number of homes listed for sale is down compared to this same time last year – and with such a large backlog of buyer demand, this further exacerbates there still aren’t enough homes for sale. This is keeping values high and the number of days it takes to sell a home low.

Clermont, FL 10 Year Median Sold Price in November

The median price of a home in Clermont has consistently increased in October year-over-year, with the exception of 2011-2021. The median sold price increased 24.9% in November 2021 over November 2020, and has more than doubled over ten years (a 143.5% increase).

Is it a good time to SELL in Clermont right now?

The short answer is – yes! Though the number of new homes being listed for sale is up year over year, the overall supply or inventory of homes is low. This is due to the demand from buyers being so high. Homes are selling quickly – often with the first few days on the market. This high buyer demand is keeping inventory low, sustaining higher home values.

The most common questions we continue to receive lately from our sellers are related to where they will go after they sell and what will the process be like. Since homes are selling so quickly, many sellers are choosing to rent after selling. Others are trying to buy another home at the same time as selling. Both are very much still possible – it just takes a little more strategy and potential sacrifice with the amount of competition right now from both buyers and renters.

Is it a good time to BUY in Clermont right now?

Although home prices continue to rise and competition for housing remains strong, we still believe it’s still a great time to buy – especially to take advantage of continuing low mortgage interest rates. Low-interest rates can decrease your monthly payment, increasing your purchase power – keeping these higher home prices within an affordable range.

In our September monthly newsletter, we actually discussed how low interest rates are keeping these higher home prices affordable for many. We also gave an example of how low interest rates drove our broker, Matt, and his wife to buy and sell this year.

If you are actively looking to buy, there are three things you should do:

  1. Get pre-approved so you’re ready to make an offer the minute your dream home is listed for sale.
  2. Act quickly. When a new home gets listed for sale that meets your needs (and hopefully wants), try to see the home that same day or the day after. If you can’t see it because you’re out-of-town or out-of-state, have a trusted local friend or family member see the home for you. We’ve also FaceTimed our out-of-state clients when they couldn’t see a home.
  3. Work with a dedicated, local, full-time real estate agent. Inventory is changing every day and you need a REALTOR familiar with the area, other local agents, and expert-level knowledge of contract writing and negotiation to beat out other offers. If you’re looking to buy in Central FL, we’d love to help.

Looking to buy or sell a home in Central FL? Contact us today!

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Clermont, FL (34711) Monthly Market Update Summaries for 2021

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